The Family History of Granny’s Closet

In the early 1900’s, Ferdinando and Ermalinda (Granny) lived in the small town of Pontremoli-Massa Carrara, Province of Tuscany in northern Italy northwest of Pisa. They immigrated to America settling in the boom-town of Jerome, Arizona.

In 1929, they, along with their three children, sons Paul, Frank, and daughter Arizona (Zona named after the new state), bought an 800-acre dairy farm just outside of Flagstaff, known as the Flagstaff Dairy and now home to a beautiful golf course with homes called Flagstaff Ranch.

In 1974, the Zanzucchi family bought The Lumberjack Cafe and renamed it Granny’s Closet, after Ermalinda Zanzucchi and her famous closet. Her grandchildren would take their toys to Granny so that she could put them in her closet for “safe keeping.” Now, the walls of“Granny’s Closet” are covered in memories of Granny and her family for safekeeping. From the original sign of the Flagstaff Dairy that we used, to own to her portrait and pictures of loved ones featured prominently in the lobby.

After the purchase of The Lumberjack Cafe in 1974, the family donated both of the large Lumberjacks to Northern Arizona University (NAU), and the small lumberjack still remains with our family tractor outside of the restaurant. People are encouraged to take pictures with the tractor and lumberjack!

The sentiment behind Granny’s Closet still remains today as Sally Zanzucchi, the 93-year-old grandmother of Frankie Zanzucchi, General Manager, and great-granddaughter, Olivia Zanzucchi, can be seen working hard in the restaurant. Granny still stops in to tidy up the restaurant and even has been known to stop in and help with the baking of our delicious desserts!

All of “Granny’s” children have run the restaurant, including her eldest son Frank, Hank, Matt, Martin, John, Joe, Jimmy, and daughter Linda, grandsons Brian, John, Vince and now Frankie Zanzucchi, will continue down the road of success that so many in the family have set before. With Frankie’s extensive food and beverage experience you are sure to be delighted. Our chef, Erik Sorensen, has worked in some of the world’s best restaurants like the Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix, The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Grand Canyon Lodge to just name a few and now is settled in Flagstaff and is here at Granny’s Closet.

We are truly a family run business that lives here and has supported this community with our love, our family, and our great food since 1929 and with your help we will continue! So thank you from our family to your family! We hope you have enjoyed “Granny’s” family experience!

With love, from us to you, thank you for stopping in to visit the Zanzucchi family of Flagstaff, Arizona USA!